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Welcome to Real Estate London, your guide to the real estate market in the City. Browse listings from some of the best agencies in town or list your property alongside them. Real Estate London is a franchise of the International Real Estate Alliance (IREA-AII), a global franchise network of 1122 international property-advertising portals.

The advantages of listing your real estate with us are numerous. Our integration in the IREA-AII network means that listing with us gets your property advertised on 1122 websites for the price of one Ð for a whole year. Combine that with low one-off fees, no commission and Google top 10 status for hundreds of keyword searches, and you have an unbeatable advertising opportunity.

So whether you are targeting a local, national or international market, Real Estate London will bring your listings to the attention of the world.

Properties for sale in London

Properties for sale in London

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